How to run a successful fansite/streetteam/blog publication

I get a ton of questions in my ask box about how to run a good fan site so I figured I’d give you a few pointers. This is just a list of things I feel are important to run a successful blog. I realize I will never please everyone, but I do my best to run this blog to the best of my ability. 

Here is a list of 10 things to remember when deciding to make a fansite/blog/street team.

  1. Pick a good name. Pick something not too long, but bold so people won’t forget it.
  2. Notoriety. Don’t focus on becoming ‘internet famous’. Wanting your blog to grow is okay, & it will grow. But remember it takes a lot of hard & passionate work. Don’t aim to be the best of the best, aim to do the best you can do.
  3. Be Objective & Professional ! The only subjective part of your site should be what your blog is about, in my case it’s Cassadee Pope. Leave out ALL personal opinions. People will be quick to criticize your focus as well as your blog. Ignore the drama. Fans want to know details on your focus, not drama between fans. Keep a good attitude.
  4. Give the fans what they want. This is about what the fans want to see & read not what you want to see & read. You are more than welcome to post the things you like on your personal blog.
  5. Be interactive. No one wants to read tweets that sound like a computer. Tweeting & replying to fans as often as you can make them feel important, and they’re opinion matter. Because if it isn’t for your fans, friends & followers you don’t have much of a fansite/blog/team.
  6. Negativity. Not all interactions will be good; you will have critics, other blogs, & ‘haters’. It’s a good thing if you have people that are out to get you or jealous ‘haters’, it means you are getting attention. Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, but ignore any rude comments. This is probably the hardest part of running a blog. Giving them the attention feeds them to hand out more. Always be grateful for those who respect you.
  7. Be original & Informative. Post up to date, correct & relevant information. Make sure you post a mixture of content. Pictures, quotes, contests, information etc. Posting on only one thing may get boring. If someone else posts an idea, fans most likely have seen it. & will stray from your blog if they have to re read it.
  8. Look & Feel. Jazz up your site, make it easy to read. Good font, large enough for everyone to read, colorful. And be sure to change it up often so fans don’t get bored.
  9. Social Media. Add your site to twitter, tumblr, facebook. Etc. Post often, but not too much. Keep fans wanting more.
  10. Desire. You have to love what you are writing & blogging about. Fans read what you write & just like song lyrics, they can easily read your passion.
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